Partners & Managers

Ozimi Consultant is a Tax Consultant firm established in 1998 in order to respond the need of business society and at the same time to help people to know about taxation better. The firm started with 1 staff and now there are more than 20 staffs including accounting graduates and good tax knowledge qualifications at managerial level supporting our operation serving more than 75 clients of various kinds of business satisfactorily.

Susanto Muliadi, SE
The founder and managing partner who established the tax consultant firm in 1998 after getting the certificate of tax grade B and being registered as a Registered Tax Consultant. He was graduated from Faculty of Economics of University of Indonesia (FEUI), a practical accountant with more than 20 years working experience at managerial levels including in the fields of finance, accounting, import/export and tax before establishing his tax consultant firm. In 2000 in order to strengthen Ozimi Consultant he cooperated with a retired senior tax official and at the same time was registered as Tax Consultant holding Certificate C that is the highest level of tax consultants who has the right to officially render a tax advice to foreign companies.

H. Bobon Tabroni
The senior partner since 2000, graduated from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. He retired from the Directorate General of Tax of the Republic of Indonesia in 1999 after being of service for 33 years and was granted a certificate of tax grade C.

Arie Yudha Permana, SE
The associate partner since 2004, joining the firm in 2000, graduated from Faculty of Economics STIE-Indonesia majoring in accountancy who manages the daily operation of the firm. His previous experience in a few companies is an asset for the firm.

Strategic Partners

  1. IKPI (Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia)
    Being a member of IKPI (Indonesian Tax Consultant Association), the firm has strong support from the association.
  2. Directorate General of Tax
    Being a strategic partner of Directorate General of Tax, as being acknowledged by this institution, the firm is able to deal with the tax officials professionally.